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Early Literacy Matters (ELM) is a partnership between the University of Massachusetts Boston, Lynn Public Schools, and the Gregg Neighborhood House. Our goal is to create 8 preschool centers of excellence impacting 300 children per year identified as “at risk for academic failure.” ELM has transformed 17 classrooms that serve children speaking over 41 languages. 75% of ELM children speak a first language other than English or have limited English proficiency, and 16% receive special education services. ELM offers research-based curricula, professional development, and community/family involvement with intentional instruction proven to enrich children’s learning experiences. We offer professional development combined with an early literacy coaching program, onsite consultation with nationally recognized faculty, coursework for college credit, and in-class support to ensure high-quality classroom practice.


Presented as part of the poster showcase at the Office of Community Partnerships' Community-Engaged Partnerships Symposium on April 5, 2012 at UMass Boston.