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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Carol Ann Sharicz


Due to the high rate of employee burnout and toxic workplace environments, organizations and managers are looking toward better leadership approaches to retain employees and promote engagement in the workplace. This training course was developed through surveys and scholarly research to train managers in a Trauma-Informed Servant Leadership approach to create psychologically safe work environments. Psychologically safe work environments have lower turnover rates, greater creativity and engagement, and higher employee satisfaction. The Trauma-Informed Servant Leadership approach reduces institutional betrayal and promotes psychological safety by adopting a transparent, results-driven framework. The training gives leaders a basic understanding of trauma, its impact on the brain, and employee well-being. The training instruction shows managers how to identify signs of trauma when they appear in the workplace and how to respond appropriately. The asynchronous self-driven eLearning course comprises six learning modules that can be completed at the learners’ pace.