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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Carol Ann Sharicz


People with intellectual disabilities experience greater obstacles in attaining their full health potential. The most common identifiable cause of intellectual disability is Down syndrome. Established in September 2021, the Down Syndrome Program at The Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) aims to meet the healthcare needs of members of the Southern Nevada community with Down syndrome and their families. However, there is currently no infrastructure in place in Southern Nevada to provide Down syndrome care, or clinical services dedicated to individuals with the condition. This work discusses options that were explored to develop such an infrastructure. A series of educational workshops were recorded on the topic of nutrition in Down syndrome with the following instructional goals: (1) To describe the importance of Down syndrome care; (2) To list common conditions that co-occur with Down syndrome; and (3) To define care coordination as it pertains to individuals with Down syndrome. Modules were developed along with the videos to provide knowledge assessments, intended for current and future healthcare professionals interested in learning more about Down syndrome care.