Date of Completion

Fall 11-30-2017

Document Type

Campus Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Carol Ann Sharicz


As part of a modern performance management practice, an organization used meaningful conversations to support employee engagement, growth, and performance. While learning resources for supporting meaningful conversations exist, they had poor utilization and were mostly accessed by new hires. After conducting a needs analysis survey, it was concluded that additional learning on meaningful conversations would be beneficial to learners. A review of the literature on the importance of conversations in an organization further supported the need to establish additional learning resources.

Participants in the needs analysis stated their preference for self-paced online learning and research in the area of learning transfer supported an online micro learning approach. The learning objectives for the training intervention were established, with each singular learning objective aligning with a micro learning lesson.

The initial development for the project focused on one micro learning as part of a future series in which employees may customize their learning experience. The instructional materials were comprised of a micro learning lesson with static text and images. Included in the lesson was an interactive learning activity, allowing for practice of the performance objective.

The micro learning included a pre-learning survey and a post-learning survey. These functioned as Kirkpatrick Level 1 and 2 evaluations. Plans for a Level 3 evaluation were outlined, as well as improvement plans that would be triggered if established standards were not met. The micro learning series will be implemented by a launch through the company's Learning Management System and available for self-service learning.


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