Document Type

Occasional Paper

Publication Date

Fall 9-20-2018


Employment First, Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Employment, ThinkWork


Disability Law | Psychology | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sociology


This brief is the second in a series focusing on Employment First implementation as it relates to one of the seven elements within the High-Performing States in Integrated Employment model. It looks at the interagency collaboration and partnership element in depth. Interagency partnership and collaboration includes interagency agreements and relationships, provider collaboration, and outreach to stakeholders to ensure that integrated employment is a shared goal.
Case study data was collected for a sub-sample of seven states: Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Kansas (KS), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Tennessee (TN), and Washington (WA). These states were selected because they represent a wide range of implementation strategies, not necessarily because they were experiencing high rates of integrated employment.


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