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Family Gym is a program that occurs every Saturday at one of three community centers. In this program, parents bring their child(ren) in for up to 90 minutes to play in areas equipped with engaging, age-appropriate activities. Each area is staffed by student activity leaders trained to make the experience safe and fun. Parents are encouraged to play with their child(ren). The research aspect of Family Gym is observing the families and how they interact as well as their activity level. As a research team, we want to learn how parents participating in physical activity with their child(ren) affects both the parent and the child(ren)’s physical activity and health.


A partnership between the University of Massachusetts Boston, BCYF Holland Community Center, BCYF Recreation Center at Madison Park, and BCYF Blackstone Community Center.

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Part of the UMass Boston Community-Engaged Teaching, Research, and Service Series.