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Submissions from 2014


Family Cap: An evaluation of child exclusion policies in Massachusetts, Gregory Ashe


Building Accountable Care: Analyzing the role of accoutnable care organizations in healthcare reform, Andrew Bunyard


How Will Public Health and Primary Care Come Together in Massachusetts?, Javier Crespo


Challenges Facing Massachusetts Agencies, Richard Ferrari


Fiscal Stress in American Municipalities: An analysis on the role of the State as it relates to municipal financial health, Yong-Hua He


The New Americans and the Responsiveness of Massachusetts' Municipalities to an Increased Immigrant Population, Matthew E. Lane


An Analysis of Employment Barriers Facing Blind People, William O'Donnell


A Case Study of the Regulations Imposed Upon Massachusetts' Prescription Monitoring Program, Meredith Rodman


SNAP: An evaluation of how families in a low socioecnomic bracket decide what to eat., Kate-Marie Roycroft


Health and Wellness Programs in Massachusetts' Public Sector, Andrew Sullivan


Chief Executive Structure in Massachusetts Towns: The relationship between authority levels and leadership opportunities, Maureen A. Thomas .


Financial Aid Administration: Effect and Innovation, Brendan Williams

Submissions from 2013

Municipal Waste Management Policy: The Impact of Pay As You Throw and the Predicted Effect on Nahant, Massachusetts, Antonio Barletta

The Continuum of Care Model and Veteran Homelessness: A Case Study of Soldier On, Stephanie Bosley

Effects of Volunteering on the Volunteer Post-Service, Shannon Brown

HomeBASE: An Exploration into Massachusetts' Policy to Fight Homelessness through a Rapid-Rehousing "Housing First" Approach, Caileen Burns

Regional Equity in Transportation Finance: A Massachusetts Case Study, Christopher Gilrein

Identifying the Factors of Success and Challenges in Telework Implementation: A Case Study of the U.S. General Services Administration, Ryan Glass

Minority Partisanship in the Massachusetts Legislature, Gary Lowell

The Preparedness of Local Law Enforcement to Address Domestic Violence in Muslim Communities in a Post-9/11 Society: A Case Study of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Shawn MacMaster

The Casino and "Eastie Pride", Kathleen McCauley

Energy Policy in Massachusetts: A Road Map to Combat Climate Change in the Commonwealth and Across the United States, Sean Navin

Engaging Hearts, Changing Minds: Gang Prevention and Relational-Cultural Connection, Stacy Randell

SoftSecond Program: An Option for Low and Moderate Income Families, Hamilton Rodrigues

A Model Of Trickle-Down Effect through Job Creation: How Does “Economic Development Policy” Make Public Economic Resources Trickle-Down onto Gateway Cities in Massachusetts?, Giancarlo Salazar

Moving to Opportunity: Does Mobility Affect Economic Outcomes?, Amy Sutherland

Prostate Cancer and Screening Procedures for Early Detection, Bruce Tobin

SNAP(ed): The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the Household Expense Calculation and the Adequacy of Benefits, Katherine Zanetta