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Under the Parent Mediation Program , the delivery of mediation services to parents quarreling over parenting issues that arose out of divorce or separation together with the impact of mediation on the parents served confirmed that the grant money that was invested in the program for FY 2018 in all likelihood provided substantial value to the parents and children involved with the program. The timely fulfillment of administrative duties and the productivity of centers in delivering highly regarded mediation services that exceeded expectations enabled a majority of at least two-thirds of surveyed parents to settle their disputes and agree about parenting plans. Likewise, for nearly two-thirds of parents, court intervention was reduced. Other mediation benefits that were conferred upon a majority of 65% or more PMP parents included gains in improving communication, reducing conflict, and increasing civility 27 between parents. Success in advancing various aspects of their relationship with the child was achieved by a larger proportion of non-custodial parents than custodial parents.



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