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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Alan Girelli


Team FX is a team that trains for endurance events. Coach Gary Walker launched the team in 2005was started by in response to his own experiences training with other endurance event teams. The training regimens of these teams scaled too quickly and were too intense for most athletes, resulting in the fact that he and many athletes on the teams were consistently sustaining injuries. Coach Gary researched and worked with many professionals to develop coaching materials for his own team, Team FX, in order to make endurance event training more accessible and less injury ridden. However, each season, there are still several athletes on Team FX who sustain injuries during training. As a result, the coach reached out to this designer to revamp the injury prevention section of his coaching materials. This designer used the ADDIE method to design a learning intervention comprising 3 modules that combine videos, graphics, text, and discussion forums to enable participants to learn about the content, and to engage with the content and one another in a variety of formats.