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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Steven Schatz


Merced College has a number of courses being taught on line and that the number continues to grow. The college is currently implementing online courses that meet the requirements of California SB520, passed in May of 2013, requiring all California students to have access to online classes at any California community college. This applies only if the classes they need are not available at their home institution. Added to this is the requirement from the accrediting agency for California Community Colleges that all students, both distance and face-to-face have equal access to library resources. As more and more classes go online, the need for a library presence in Blackboard, the current Learning Management System, also grows. The goal of this project was to explore how an online library presence would meet the needs of both online students and online faculty. Ultimately, the first two modules of an information literacy course were created that would to meet those needs. The modules were designed to stand alone as individual modules, but could be combined into a larger information literacy course if required by an online instructor.

The stakeholders in this project were Merced College online faculty, current and potential online Merced College students and Merced College librarians. Feedback from all the stakeholders was collected and used to plan improvements to these future modules. There are ongoing discussions with the stakeholders about creating more modules to meet the continuing information needs of Merced College students and instructors.