Date of Completion

Fall 12-12-2016

Document Type

Open Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Carol Ann Sharicz


The American public school classroom has begun moving from the traditional furniture of education (hard plastic chairs attached to desks) to flexible mobile furniture as part of a holistic approach to creating a learning environment that enhances learning for its students. This project describes the process derived in the development and delivery of an asynchronous professional learning session aimed at helping teachers acclimate and engage new or adapted physical and psychological attributes to the learning environments in their care. The program is backed with research demonstrating why the progressive classroom improves the learning experience for both students and teachers. The project goals and evaluation will build a skill set for educators that identifies the American classroom in terms of where we are coming from and today’s changes in the use of furniture in the classroom and the cultural shift that goes with it. This program is designed to then be assessed and maintained by the school districts in coordination with their accreditation goals as they pertain to the physical plant and school culture. The foundation of the Professional Learning video was taken from the original live format. The research was added to substantiate the program and additional information and videos added to enhance the visual support with classroom layouts. This was worked between several video platforms. Like watching the learners in their classroom with their furniture, they will show us how to best build a tool for their learning.