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This webinar was so popular, we decided to run it again! Provider agencies across the country are transitioning from segregated “sheltered” workshop options to supporting integrated community careers for people with disabilities. This process of organizational transformation can be both exciting and challenging for provider staff and the people they serve. In this webinar, ICI researcher Jaimie Timmons shared findings from the RRTC on Advancing Employment for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Jaimie shared the results of a Delphi panel of experts who examined 6 characteristics considered essential for provider transformation. Wally Tablit from AtWork in Washington state co-presented with Jaimie. Wally is a leader in the field of supported employment, with over 18 years experience working with people with disabilities. He shared his experiences and perspectives on the organizational change process.


Webinar offered as part of the 44 Series. Full webinar available here:



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