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January 2012


The existence of a special issue of the Journal of Policy and Practice on Intellectual Disabilities focusing on postsecondary education for individuals with intellectual disabilities demon-strates that there are increasing expectations that people withan intellectual disability can and should be given the choice of going to college. And similar to other groups of young peoplewho have gone to college, their path toward college and theoutcomes that they seek and achieve from college will vary considerably.But unlike other college students, the experiences of these young (and not so young) college students with ID may notmerely reflect their personal preferences for and desired out comes from college. Their experiences will also be framed by theperceptions that others have about them and about their capacity to learn while in higher education. These expectations havethe power to expand access to authentic learning experiences orrestrict access to specialized courses and subject matter deemedto be “needed” by students who have an intellectual disability.