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January 2015


Sarah is a 17-year-old with autism spectrum disorder who is not sure what she wants to do once she graduates in a year. She has been enjoying working at her high school job—a copy center—for the past 3 years. She loves being around people and interacts well with her coworkers and customers. Sarah struggles, however, in remembering all that is required of her and has a hard time remembering the processes for different tasks, such as making copies. Although she has enjoyed her experience, Sarah wants to begin a career in something she loves. The problem is that Sarah does not know what she is passionate about. She does not know what kind of job wouldinterest her and would be suited to her strengths and weaknesses. At school one day, Sarah shares her concerns with her special education teacher, Mr. Garcia. She asks questions, such as “What kind of jobs are out there?” “How would I get to and from my job?” and “How can I prepare for a new job?” Mr. Garcia was pivotal in helping Sarah receive the job that she has now. He knows that she would not be happy working there long-term and is sure that he could help her find a satisfying career. Mr. Garcia has helped many students like Sarah transition from high school to the workforce by utilizing different technologies. To ease Sarah’s concerns, he begins to tell her about all of the resources that are available.