Meeting the Holistic Vision of Employment and Community Life Engagement: State Administrator Perspectives on Achievements and Gaps.

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From January through June 2017, the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) hosted a working group of member states to share strategies for encouraging quality day services and supports that promote CLE.

The fifth CLEWG meeting explored how CLE and employment can be combined to create a holistic vision of community engagement. The CLEWG considered how the seven elements of the Higher-Performing States framework for integrated employment (Hall, Butterworth, Winsor, Gilmore, & Metzel, 2007) can be applied to that holistic vision. See page 2 for a definition of the Higher-Performing States framework.

The purpose of this brief is to:

  1. Share a more holistic definition of each higher-performing element

  2. Offer the results of a poll of CLEWG participants that examined their state’s progress according to each element

  3. Identify perceived gaps in states’ capacity to meet their vision

  4. Provide recommendations for next steps