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The study of Filipino Americans in the United States is both fascinating and important. It is fascinating because, as with most Asian American subgroups, Filipino Americans are highly diverse, displaying a rich contour of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. It is important because they come from a country that was the only major colony of the U.S. in the Pacific. As a consequence of this historical relationship, Filipino Americans now rank as the second most populous Asian American subgroup, and 2006 marked the centennial of the first significant group of contract laborers to be sent to Hawai’i. Despite the important roles played by Filipinos in the U.S. in building and shaping American society, however, very few studies—with most of them focusing on Filipinos in the West Coast—have been carried out. This report on Filipino Americans in Boston and Massachusetts is a small step toward filling that gap in our knowledge regarding this particular Asian American subgroup in the East Coast.



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