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We hypothesized that Chinese Americans with disabilities may remain culturally attached to their ancestors' homeland and this cultural attachment may have influences on the concept of Quality of Life (QOL). That is, QOL may be perceived, by Chinese Americans with disabilities, not only as an individual's satisfaction with his or her life, but also the person's fulfillment of his or her responsibilities to his or her family and community. Of course, this hypothesis needs to be examined. Such an investigation may provide rehabilitation counselors with insights into the meaning of QOL from the viewpoint of Chinese Americans with disabilities. It may also point out the directions of how to improve rehabiUtation services to this population based on an understanding of the Chinese culture and its influences on rehabilitation goal-setting of Chinese Americans with disabilities. Accordingly, the purposes of this study were (a) to identify dimensions of QOL perceived by Chinese Americans/immigrants with disabilities and (b) to explore the presumable influence of cultural factors in the QOL of these individuals.



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