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The CEI integrated high levels of data collection, use, and analysis into its implementation model. TBF and members of the coordinating team also conducted evaluative and summary research at different periods throughout the project. To assess the CEI's impact on voter participation, therefore, the evaluation team reviewed analyses by these stakeholders, including primarily data from the Massachusetts Voter Education Network (MassVOTE, January 2005), LeLievre Information Systems (March 2004; May 2005, ) and Northeast Action (June 2003); reports to the funders group by the donor collaborative liaison Bates Consulting (March 2004; various dates 2005); an evaluative report to TBF by the foundation' s own research associate (2004); and assorted work plans and reports from the grantees.

The team also assessed methodologies used in data collection. In certain cases, such as the review of the use of control precincts to assess project impact, the team analyzed raw data provided by the technical assistance providers together with neighborhood demographic information.

To determine the nature and scope of additional products related to increased voter turnout, the team reviewed newspaper coverage of the CEI and voter participation in the target neighborhoods by consulting several indexes and examining media files of some of the grantees. Boston candidate lists were scrutinized for data on the number of candidates of color and females present in 2002-2005 contested preliminary elections.


Prepared for The Boston Foundation by the Institute for Asian American Studies, the Mauricio Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy, and the William Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black History and Culture at the University of Massachusetts Boston.



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