Focusing on Lightboard video technology to create online videos as a resource for Medical Dosimetry students, this field note shares perspectives and student voices on Lightboard videos that can be useful in understanding the concepts pertaining to Medical Dosimetry such as brachytherapy equations. Through the study, the instructors wanted to know students’ perceptions of how video use increased their interest and understanding of brachytherapy equations. A SurveyMonkey questionnaire collected responses from eight students and revealed that these students perceived the use of Lightboard videos provided a solid learning platform to master the concept of brachytherapy prior to performing the homework. Based on survey data, it appears the videos engaged the students and enabled them to understand the brachytherapy concepts easily which generated student confidence when answering brachytherapy questions. Students also indicated that they felt prepared for the exercise and that the Lightboard videos provided an engaging learning environment.


Lightboard Technology, video, e-learning, Lightboard video, online learning, engaged learning



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