The use of augmented reality (AR) as a new multimedia networking technology is increasing. An investigation was made of the value of using AR as a tool to support the teaching of clinical practice skills. A series of mobile AR resources were created for use on tablet computers and smartphones to supplement clinical skills teaching in the laboratory (using image recognition), and clinical practice (using geolocation). Undergraduate students in nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy tested these resources in lab sessions, a location-based campus exercise, and during clinical practice experiences. Following this, a post-exposure web survey and focus group interviews were undertaken to appraise the value of these tools. Results demonstrated that the potential for students to use technologies they already possess in AR based m-learning may offer significant advantages, and offer a practical technique to engage learners. However, these technologies remain in an early stage of development and more robust implementations and sustainable platforms are required for mainstream educational use.


augmented reality, clinical practice, mobile technology, multimedia, networking, geolocation, image recognition, m-learning



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