Leadership of a New Generation to Forge Peace, Progress and Prosperity for All

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Peter Taylor


Good leadership is important for the success of organizations but good leadership to forge peace, progress and prosperity for all is vital in bringing about lasting world peace and harmony. Yet, there is the task as to how such leadership can be trained and developed especially for the young, whose minds may have the pliability to be successfully developed in this respect through proper leadership training. I have in this paper created a framework for leadership training and development comprising of six dimensions that I deem necessary for the cultivation of such leadership. These six dimensions of leadership development are essential in my opinion, in that by mastering each and every one of them, a person would at least come closer and closer to achieving the broad umbrella of the leadership ability to forge peace, progress and prosperity for all. This framework model can be used as a guide for leadership pedagogy or it can be applied to personal leadership development. I have also come to recognize that there are five different stages through which such leadership development would go through. Even though there can be overlaps in the stages and their sequence may not be fixed, they are important aspects to consider in the planning and execution of the above leadership training endeavor. It is my hope that by zeroing in on each of the six dimensions, young aspiring leaders would mature through the stages to become noble leaders who will protect our global future and guide the world toward the peace and harmony that we are so devoid of.


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