A look at one decade of women’s partnership in Iran management

zahra nejadbahram


Women’s management[i] topic is one of the effective and crucial issues in reflecting the development conditions of the countries and as there are many challenges facing women in this case; reviewing the present different aspects and obstacles of this topic are the most important items which have a direct link with the development of the countries form one side and the promotion of women’s position in the society from another. In Iran the issue of women’s management in the country is considered as of the serious talks as well.

These days, women’s partnership in the management arena in Iran has surpassed their desire to manage and has formed into a dispensable event for the development. If women do not interfere in decision making, they will not have the possibility of taking responsibility against the development activities. A serious upheaval must take place in the governing arena in order not to waste the development costs carelessly and that to be able to use them for the development of the country. Blocking women from holding managerial professions and their lagging behind in decision making areas is a thought-provoking recurrence; which has been increasing since the middle of first decade of 2000. And this has been continuing yet. It seems that the pattern followed by the cultural-social system of the society related to women’s management in different sections of the society is an unchanged element which is recurring continually. Therefore, any changes in the level of skills, knowledge and social experiences have not been able to create any change in this pattern yet.

[i] The purpose of management refers to a group of occupations which possess the identity of decision making; on the other hand, management is the process of utilizing the effective and productive material and human resources in planning and organizing the mobilization of resources and facilities to direct and control the same in order to reach the organizational goals. In the organizational hierarchy, management begins from the operational managers and reaches the mid- level and senior managers.