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This document presents information developed during the first phase of the planning process to develop a Harbor Plan for the Town of Salisbury, Massachusetts. The initial phase consists of compiling and mapping existing information on natural resources, uses of the waterways and shoreline, relevant government regulatory programs and jurisdictions, identifying issues, and conducting some analyses of recreational boating-related needs. A mooring plan and mooring field delineation plan are required by the Harbor Management Plan and will be periodically updated as needed. This phase concludes with a preliminary identification of long-term goals and the development of recommendations for next steps in the planning process and implementation.

The purpose of the plan is to guide decision making by the Salisbury Harbor Commission. The plan provides information that can be used as the basis for decisions and/or for recommendations to other regulatory authorities on development proposals and capital investments affecting the waterfront and waterways of the town. It is anticipated by the Harbor Commission that the Harbor Plan may become an element of the Town of Salisbury Master Plan.


Prepared October 2007. Approved October 2008.

Prepared for the Salisbury Harbor Commission.



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