Building the Massachusetts Seafood System: Institutional Strategies and Investments by State Agencies, Fishing Ports and the University of Massachusetts

Document Type

Research Report

Publication Date

Winter 12-1-2017


The Urban Harbors Institute was funded by the Seaport Economic Council to explore two questions: What specific institutional strategies and investments by Massachusetts fishing ports, with the assistance of state agencies, will maximize economic growth and development of the Massachusetts seafood and coastal economy; and What can be appropriate roles and contributions of the University of Massachusetts campuses, as anchor institutions, in these portbased initiatives? Activities of the project were proposed to include: research on lessons learned and current best practices in food system economic development nationally; interviews and data collection on the characteristics and make-up of the fishing industry in the major fishing ports of the Commonwealth, the particular needs and opportunities of the industry, the existing economic development infrastructure in the Massachusetts fishing ports; and convening of a conference on optimizing public strategies and investments in the seafood sector. This report was prepared by Valerie I. Nelson, PhD of the Water Alliance and Jack Wiggin of the Urban Harbors Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston.