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This plan represents another step forward by the City of Gloucester to confront the challenge of declining groundfish stocks and subsequent management measures which have had a profound effect on the fishing industry, the community, and its economy. The plan’s strategies include both short-term recommendations to address the immediate direct impacts on harvesters, fresh fish processors, and associated support businesses, as well as longer-term proposals to bolster and support the industry as it recovers, and proposals to create new economic opportunities built upon Gloucester’s maritime assets, skills, and intellectual capital, and old and new partnerships. The Plan lays out the investments, collaborations, and required resources that will lead the port into a modern, diverse, and profitable future. Although the number of recommendations varies across topics, this does not reflect the relative importance of any particular topic area over another.


This plan is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Legislature and the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game to the City of Gloucester, MA.



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