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This survey provides a preliminary review of the activities of pumpout facilities in the No Discharge Areas of Massachusetts. It highlights areas of concern, identifies potential improvements and focuses further research.

Based on data from Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, there are 100 pumpout facilities in Massachusetts, located in 56 towns. Of these 52, have one or more pumpout boats. Due to financial limitations and the time available, any attempt to survey all these facilities was beyond the scope of this study. However, it had been suggested that from CZM’s, DMF’s and EPA’s standpoint, the areas of greatest interest were those that are designated as, or have been proposed as, No Discharge Areas (NDAs). To this end, it was decided that the focus of this preliminary study would be the pumpout facilities located in or near to a No Discharge Area. There are 15 towns that fit these criteria. Within these towns there are 38 pumpout facilities of which 17 operate pumpout boats.



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