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The Weir River Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) was designated by the Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs in 1986 in recognition of one of the largest and most productive salt marsh ecosystems in the Boston Harbor area. As an ACEC, the region is afforded additional attention and protection from state agencies in order to achieve the goals of designation--to restore, enhance, and manage the resources. The region was nominated by residents of the abutting communities of Hull, Hingham, and Cohasset who took the opportunity to call attention to the uniqueness of the environment and to their concerns that development pressures threatened the estuary's integrity. The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) administers the ACEC Program for the Secretary of Environmental Affairs. This natural resources inventory, as well as a hydrologic flow study for the Weir River ACEC, were funded by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and the Massachusetts Watershed Initiative.

This document comprises a Natural Resources Inventory for the Weir River ACEC, summarizing existing research and the knowledge and experience of local experts and residents who are most familiar with the ACEC's natural environment. The inventory could be used as the first step toward producing a comprehensive resource management plan for the ACEC. It captures the abundance and unique combination of resources in the region and identifies existing pollution problems and threats. As such, this resource inventory was prepared to serve as a reference for scientists, local and state officials, and citizens who are committed to protecting the ecosystem and to making the most of what the ACEC designation offers. In addition, it provides the necessary background to prioritize additional research needs and to assess existing local environmental and land use management practices and policies.



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