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The purpose of this analysis is to inventory the present assemblage of natural resources in the vicinity of the Gulf River estuary as well as to provide information on land use, recreational use, and pollution threats and concerns. The inventory summarizes existing research and the knowledge and experience of local experts and residents who are most familiar with the Gulf River’s natural environment. It could be used as the first step toward producing a resource management plan for the Gulf River estuary.

The analysis was initiated and funded by the Gulf River Association and prepared to serve as a reference for the Association, as well as local and state officials and citizens who are committed to protecting the ecosystem and to making the most of what their natural environment offers. The inventory provides the necessary background to prioritize additional research needs and to assess existing local environmental and land use management practices and policies.

The document presents both anecdotal and scientific data relating to watershed characteristics, history of the region, habitats of the Gulf River estuary, geology and soils, biological resources, water quality, land use, open space and recreation, and environmental quality concerns and pollution sources. Interviews with local resource professionals and residents supplemented the literature review of existing reports and studies.


Prepared for the Gulf Association, North Scituate, Massachusetts.



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