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The success of the U.S. Coastal Ocean Observing System will be measured, in part, by how well the needs of the coastal management community are being addressed. The results of this survey indicate that the two most important management issues facing coastal programs are land use and habitat change. It is essential that the planning and implementation of the USCOOS take this fact into account and place a priority on addressing these high priority management needs. This can only be accomplished through the direct long-term involvement of the coastal management community with USCOOS efforts at the national and regional levels. By working together on this survey, SEACOOS and the coastal management community have demonstrated one way that coastal science and management can be focused on a common goal.


Prepared for The Coastal States Organization and The SEACOOS Outreach and Education Workgroup. Prepared by Urban Harbors Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston, in cooperation with University of New Hampshire Survey Center.



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