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The purpose of this Report is to provide a socio-economic and demographic overview of predominantly black and Latino geographic areas in the City of Boston. This Report is primarily in response to a request for assistance from several community-based groups and organizations, including Project FATE, the Center for Community Action, the Urban League, and the Bank of Commerce.

Based on specific requests and feedback from several individuals representing the organizations mentioned, it was decided that a "Community Profile" based on electoral districts in Boston would be useful. The request from the community organizations listed several possible items for inclusion in the final report: Total population by race of selected Boston electoral districts; Total population and distribution of population by age within selected Boston electoral districts; Median family income by selected Boston electoral districts; Civilian labor force and employment status, by selected Boston electoral districts; and Median family wealth as defined by homeownership by selected Boston electoral districts.

After James Jennings reviewed the list of items and discussed it with Wornie Reed it was decided that the William Monroe Trotter Institute could effectively respond to some of these items by: (a) developing a "Community Profile" based on the demographic items listed above and organized by Wards 8, 9, 12, and 14, and (b) appointing a panel of social scientists to plan a major publication on the economic status of blacks in Boston, incorporating the various concerns of the community groups who approached the Trotter Institute. The suggested response was discussed with all parties involved in this effort. This Report represents the "Community Profile" mentioned above.

The profile presented here may be unique in terms of its format. The data, which is extracted from the 1980 reports of the U.S. Bureau of the Census for Boston is organized according to electoral districts, as specifically requested by community representatives. All of the data is presented for Wards 8, 9, 12, and 14. These four wards contain the overwhelming majority of black and Latino persons in the City of Boston. Map 1 outlines, by wards, the areas covered by this Report.


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