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This research report provides an overview of select social, demographic, and economic characteristics and trends associated with Boston’s Black population. It presents a snapshot of population characteristics associated with Blacks residing in Boston. While policy or programmatic recommendations does not represent the intent of this report, it is hoped that the information and data included can serve as a basis for such dialogues.

The racial categories used in this report include Black, Latino/a, White, and Asian persons. It should be emphasized, however, that these racial categories can include a range of ethnicity and ancestry. There may be differences among ethnic and ancestry groups within the broad racial categories. The racial categories only include persons (except for Latino/as) who chose the “one race alone” (versus two or more races) category. In the case of the Black, White, and Asian population very low percentages of individuals from these groups classified themselves as other than “one race alone.”


Prepared for the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, the Boston Chapter of the NAACP, and the William Monroe Trotter Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston.


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