Document Type

Occasional Paper

Publication Date

Winter 2-4-2019


Community Life Engagement, CLE, Employment First, State Employment Leadership Network, SELN, #90DN0216, ThinkWork


Rehabilitation and Therapy | Social Welfare | Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling | Work, Economy and Organizations


As states focus on expanding integrated employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and phasing out sheltered work, they are finding a need to concurrently examine Community Life Engagement (CLE) supports as a wrap-around to ensure individuals’ engagement in the community is maintained and they continue to receive sufficient levels of support, despite fluctuations in job status and hours. In January through June of 2017, the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) hosted a working group of member states to discuss ideas and share strategies for encouraging quality CLE supports while maintaining a focus on Employment First (see below for more on Employment First). The SELN is a membership-based network of state IDD agencies committed to making changes in their service systems to ensure access to competitive integrated employment for people with IDD (


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