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Closing Remarks (Day 3)
Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson


Welcoming Remarks, Takeaways and Calls to Action from Breakout Tracks, and State Report-Outs
Cary Brown, Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson, Lorna Rivera, and Sara Guillermo


Closing Remarks (Day 2)
Jill Ashton


Breakout Track: IGNITE: Paths to Political Power
Anna del Castillo, Juana Matias, Jessica Weaver, and Hope Williams


Breakout Track: Low-Wage and Essential Workers
Kiah Morris, Rachel Flum, Georgia Hollister Isman, and Eva Millona


Breakout Track: Policing Women of Color and LGBTQ+ Communities
Callie Watkins Liu, Liz Miranda, Angelina Resto, and Joyce Wise


Welcoming Remarks, Keynote from Ayanna Pressley, and Discussion
Rita Kiki Edozie, Jill Ashton, Celia Blue, and Ayanna Pressley


Closing Remarks (Day 1)
Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson


Breakout Track: IGNITE: Amplifying Young Women’s Voices to Champion Policy Change
Ysabel Garcia, Andrea Gonzalez Sanchez, and Noel Riby-Williams


Breakout Track: Health and Healthcare
Maria Madison, Kirsten Durzy, María González-Albuixech, Chien-Chi Huang, and Lolita McLean


Breakout Track: Childcare and Education
Aly Richards, Sheryl Battles, Beth Bye, Megan Pamela Ruth Madison, and Jynai McDonald


Welcoming Remarks and Opening Plenary: “Women Leading Change: Perspectives and Policies from Elected Officials”
María González-Albuixech, Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson, Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, David Cash, Charlotte Golar Richie, Jillian Gilchrest, Samantha Perlman, and Kesha Ram


StateData: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes Through 2018
Jean Winsor, Jaimie Ciulla Timmons, John Butterworth, Alberto Migliore, Daria Domin, Agnes Zalewska, and John Shepard


Organizational transformation to integrated employment and community life engagement.
Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski, Jaimie Ciulla Timmons, Oliver Lyons, Jonathan Lucas, Tim Vogt, and Katie Bachmeyer


Virtual Community Life Engagement
Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski


Latinx Political Leadership in Massachusetts (2021)
Leyi Andrea Perez, Fabián Torres-Ardila, and Christa Kelleher


Latinx Population Hit Hard in the COVID-19 Recession: Mounting Hardships and One Big Idea for an Inclusive Recovery
Trevor Mattos, Bansari Kamdar, Phillip Granberry, and Fabián Torres-Ardilla

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