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Summer 6-22-2024


As human beings on this tiny planet in the cosmos we call Earth, we live as ‘citizens’ in a variety of people-determined land demarcations that we call countries, each with its own unique version of politics. Citizens in the United States and people in the world, therefore, are engaged in a variety of political dramas. It is fair to say that in the United States and globally, the current political climate is very divisive. In the United States and globally, humanity is at an inflection point in the evolution of its consciousness at individual and collective levels. Out of fear, some people are looking backward to an illusionary past and call themselves ‘conservatives’ and some people are looking forward to a potentiated probable future and call themselves ‘progressives.’…This inflection point is mirrored in part via the ‘gaslighting’ tactics used by many politicians to con people into giving away their power to them as they play their divisive political games. …”


If, for whatever reason(s), you encounter this article, it is not accidental. So, please read it carefully, and please share it with all who are in your various networks—family, friends, acquaintances, organizations, etc. Humanity is at an inflection point in the evolution of its consciousness, requiring all of our individual and collective attention.


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