Pathways to Political Leadership Fellow: Elizabeth Cardona [Photos]

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Latinas, political leadership, Western Massachusetts, change agents, photographs, Women's Pipeline for Change


American Politics | Gender and Sexuality | Politics and Social Change | Public Policy | Race and Ethnicity | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Women's Studies


Elizabeth Cardona serves as the Director of the Office of the Governor Western Massachusetts Region in Springfield, Massachusetts. A passionate Puerto Rican woman building grassroots power in her community, Elizabeth is fulfilling career and community engagement goals while raising two sons. As a Women’s Pipeline for Change Research Fellow at UMass Boston’s Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, Elizabeth conducted interviews to explore pathways to leadership for Latinas who are change agents, primarily in Western Massachusetts. Recognizing the significance of culture, identity, family, and community in her own personal journey, Elizabeth wanted to document and analyze key factors that helped Latina leaders find a voice and play a political role in their communities.

This link includes pictures of Elizabeth Cardona and her Latina Pathways to Political Leadership project.