Date of Completion


Document Type

Campus Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

First Advisor

Amy E. Smith


This research takes into account the ‘New Americans Agenda,’ (a recent set of recommendations originating from Governor Deval Patrick's office which aims to better understand the benefits and needs of immigrants and their communities and develop or promote improved state policies that emphasize their integration), identifies towns and cities in Massachusetts with large immigrant populations, and examines how these municipalities have attempted to meet the needs of a diverse and changing population. The ‘New Americans Agenda’ was the “jumping off” point for the research but, as I quickly came to find out, the recommendations that originated from that document had not yet reached the masses that work with these demographics. Moving forward, the research focused more on what towns and cities across the commonwealth were doing well (in terms of integrating this demographic) and how those services came to be. The research includes the assessment of programs aimed at immigrants in Massachusetts’ municipalities and interviews with key municipal employees and/or stakeholders who provide direct service to this population or oversee programs that do so; final recommendations were made based on these interviews, as well as a review of available literature on the subject and previously compiled data.


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