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The public lecture given by Cyril Ramaphosa and RoelfMeyer at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on 28 June 1996 was held under the auspices of The Irish Association. The sponsors are grateful to the Association for their unstinting support and the organization it provided to ensure the success of the event. The sponsors would especially like to acknowledge the contributions of Professor Bernard Cullen, President of the Association and Ms. Barbara FitzGerald.

As one ofthe co-sponsors ofthe event, the John W. McCormack Institute ofPublic Affairs at the University ofMassachusetts Boston would also like to single out the contribution of the lecture's other co-sponsor, Independent Newspapers Inc. and its chairperson, Dr. A. J. F. O'Reilly whose generous financial support made the lecture possible.

Our most indebtedness, of course, is to Cyril Ramaphosa and Roelf Meyer who made the long, exhausting trip from South Africa to Belfast, because they believe that the lessons of the South African experience should be shared with other countries tom apart by conflict. They came not to offer their "solution" to the Northern Ireland conflict or to put themselves forward as mediators of some sort but simply to share with the people ofNorthem Ireland with whom they empathize how they did it in South Africa and in the belief that common principles are germane to a successful negotiating process and are applicable, with the modifications necessary to take account of local circumstances, to all conflicts in deeply divided societies.



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