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The new Mayor of Boston must earn the confidence of the taxpaying public in his financial leadership by employing credibility and candor in the management of city affairs.

To begin the process of re-enfranchising Bostonians who have come to mistrust financial decisions seemingly determined by political calculations, the new Mayor must make an accurate disclosure of the City's financial picture, rely on the commitment of the state to properly support its capital city and restore integrity and strong management controls to government operations. Recommendations for budget cuts, hiring freezes and adjustments in tax rates, when they are necessary, should only be made when accurate information and open debate so dictate.

The Financial Analysis Research Group for the mayoral transition was assembled to provide an assessment of the City's financial posture as of January, 1984; to evaluate the financial management aspects of agency operations; to determine the effectiveness of existing budgetary planning systems; and to provide the new Mayor with a pragmatic financial management plan to support his policies and philosophy.



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