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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Spencer Di Scala

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Vincent J. Cannato

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Paul Bookbinder


Gaetano Salvemini was one of the earliest political exiles during Fascism. Before his exile Salvemini had the reputation of being a well-respected historian and political activist. He taught history at the University of Florence, among other universities. Salvemini was known for his intelligence, detailed research and analysis, and his unflinching ideals. After his exile Salvemini spent some time in England and France. During this time he traveled to the United States for a lecture tour and later settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts to teach at Harvard University. Salvemini's main objective in his writing and lectures was to debunk the myths of the Fascist propaganda machine. This thesis uses a variety of sources including Salvemini's own writings, newspaper articles, reviews, and archival material. The archival material includes articles, letters and Italian government documents. This thesis shows that Salvemini had an impact on post-World War II Italy. Salvemini spent his life fighting for democracy and provided hope for many Italians who wondered what would happen in Italy after Fascism. Salvemini's ideas had an impact on the Italian Republic set up on 2 June 1946 and the constitution that officially came into force on 1 January 1948.