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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Timothy Hacsi

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Maria John

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Fred Dalzell


This thesis examines the experiences of three generations of the Jackson family in Clarke County, Virginia, from approximately 1860 to 1915, covering the shift from enslavement to the Jim Crow period. Chapter One introduces the challenges with pre-existing publications on Clarke County and Virginia history. Chapter two focuses on the antebellum period and discusses what enslavement may have looked like in Clarke County. Chapter Three narrows the focus to Charles Jackson, Sr., the family patriarch, who was enslaved at New Market Plantation. Chapter Four looks at Charles Sr.’s son, Charles Jr., and the life he created for himself after enslavement. Chapter Five takes an in-depth look at three of Charles Jr.’s children and explores how their lives demonstrate different reactions to the Jim Crow South. Chapter Six focuses on the youngest of Charles Jr.’s children and explores the challenges she faced and the unconventional life she led.