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Campus Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Paul Bookbinder

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Vincent J. Cannato

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Timothy Hasci


The creation of the Office of Strategic Services would be the United States first attempt at a centralized intelligence agency. The OSS would not have been possible without the Diplomat and Spymaster William “Wild Bill” Donovan. Donovan would seek out, and become a pupil of the British security services, and would be tutored by Sir William Stephenson Codename INTRPID, Ian Fleming and Sir Stewart Menzies. Through these relationships, Donovan would forge not only the Anglo-American relationship but also the foundation of the modern day United States intelligence community and Special Operations. The British sought United States Military support and hoped to keep the fledgling OSS as a subservient organization. From the creation of the OSS on June 13, 1942, Donovan would bring the United States into the world of espionage under the strict tutelage of British intelligence. Almost immediately the United States began to assert itself, and would not allow herself to be a tool to maintain British Imperialism. The OSS and their counter parts in the Special Operations executive would find themselves at odds by the end of 1942. In the early evening on August 18, 1943 Lieutenant Walter Mansfield would be greeted with: Zdravo, Purvi Amerikanec! [Greetings, first American]. This would represent the OSS first in-country contact in Yugoslavia and would forever change the Anglo-American relationship.


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