Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Information Technology

First Advisor

Romilla Syed

Second Advisor

Atreya Chakraborthy

Third Advisor

Yijia Zhao


The advancement of technologies has disrupted and influenced most of the industry verticals. One of such a profound impact is on education especially how the digital technology is transforming the today’s learning and lays the foundation for rising tailored needs of different learners’ segments. It is critical for digital learning providers to understand different segments of learners, their attitude towards e-learning platforms and objectives so that they can better serve the learners in an effective manner. This paper aims to understand the attitude on current workforce towards online courses. Specifically, this paper attempts to analyze their usage, reasons, barriers of not taking, likeliness to take online courses. The data collection is a result of an online survey fielded to a randomly selected list of specific job board users. The results of the study show 90% of the participants are aware of online courses with more than 4 out of 10 participants have participated in online courses. Amongst those, 7 out of 10 respondents indicated that they participated either to improve their skill set or advance their opportunities for a new job.


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