Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Linda Huang

Second Advisor

Kellee Siegfried

Third Advisor

Alexey Veraksa


In S. cerevisiae, the MAP kinase encoded by SMK1 regulates sporulation. My work examines the relationship between SMK1 and GIP1. Gip1 is a meiosis specific regulatory subunit of a PP1-phosphatase. We find that GIP1 is required for normal localization and expression of Smk1 during sporulation. Additionally, GIP1 is required for the elongation and extension of prospore membranes. Through a series of co-immunoprecipitation experiments, we show that Smk1 and Gip1 interact, and that the N-terminal portion of Gip1 is required for this interaction. Finally, I show that GIP1 mutants display a haploinsufficient phenotype, and show that the GIP1 heterozygote displays a unique prospore membrane phenotype. YSW1, a known GIP1 interactor, displays a similar prospore membrane phenotype to that of the GIP1 heterozygote and is post-translationally modified.


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