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Campus Access Thesis

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Business Administration

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Atreya Chakraborty

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Kiran Verma

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Yong-Chul Shin


This research analyzes the Medicare Nursing Home Compare Website five-star Rating in the United States. The purpose of this thesis is to discover several issues with the scores and rating systems employed on the website. The qualitative analysis performed in this project showed that the main issue faced by the five-star rating is the fact that most of the data available online are self-reported by the facilities. Medicare officials do not usually check the veracity and truthfulness of the numbers and scores reported by the nursing homes administrators.

The quantitative analysis employs a sample of data collected from twenty-nine nursing homes located in Massachusetts. These data are analyzed via statistical models such as regression analysis and t-test. The first interrogative that is answered with this method is whether various categories of nursing homes have significantly different scores. For instance, non-profit nursing homes are compared to for profits, while nursing homes located in wealthy neighborhoods are compared to facilities located in less-affluent towns. Finally, this research compares the weight and importance that the various quality measures have on the overall score of a facility.


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