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Werner Kunz


Jeffrey Keisler

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Prior research has proved that an individual could be addicted to the Internet in general, but no research has been done specifically to social networking sites such as Facebook. This study investigates how factors such as personality, gender, procrastination, boredom and ones values may affect the amount of time they spend on Facebook, further concluding that they are either overly obsessive or not about the usage thereof. Further, this study tests whether those same factors influence and individuals likelihood of facing Facebook withdrawal or Facebook devotion. Prior research was conducted using scholarly articles that focused on personality types and Internet addiction. A clear framework was designed prior to this study to outline the major factors that would be targeted through the study and compared against Facebook usage. The model is tested using a two-step approach of qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative pre-study was first designed as a way to highlight which factors and values were most important to our particular study. Since very little is known and discussed about Facebook Addiction, it was important for us to use the qualitative pre-study to get an overall understanding of what the general public thinks on this subject matter. Based on the results from the qualitative study, we developed a quantitative survey, which includes likert-style statements that test personality type, values, boredom and procrastination. Based on a sample of undergraduate students we can prove or disprove the theory on personality types directly affecting and individuals Facebook usage. Results most strongly depict that neuroticists, females and those who are procrastinating are more likely to be addicted to Facebook.

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