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Open Access Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Management


Management and Marketing


Suhaib Riaz


Jeffrey Keisler

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International Business


In this study, I analyzed the effect of the Arab Spring on the development of social ventures in the MENA region. Using a case study of Morocco, I tried to evaluate in which proportions the new Islamic governments transformed the social venture development context. After a detailed review of the Arab Spring and current literature on social ventures, I conducted a series on interviews of miscellaneous actors of the political, economical and social life of Morocco.

The study found that the Arab Spring did not have a direct impact on social ventures. Nevertheless, it was proven to be a main factor in the promotion of transparency in the new regimes. Consequently, transparency has a tendency to reduce corruption; which was proven to be a direct cause of the social ventures underdevelopment. For that reason, it is safe to say that the Arab Spring does not have an absolute impact of social ventures, it basically just paved the road for their future development.

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