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Spring 6-7-2013


The 32 fellows in the 2013 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) worked with community partners to investigate the theme, “Engaging and Expanding Communities".

They worked with six community partners, and identified ways to help them expand beyond their core stakeholders to a wider circle of stakeholders and broader potential impact. The fellows gave their time and professional skills to understand how to reach new business partners, new participants, new advisors, and new donors. They conducted surveys, interviews, and focus groups; explored social media options; examined best practices; and considered ways to tell powerful stories about the vitally important work of the “project sponsor” organizations with whom we partnered. Our six project sponsors – and their widening circle of stakeholders – include:

Massachusetts Business Roundtable: Large corporations – & small businesses Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass: Scouts, parents, leaders – & new scouts, volunteers Science from Scientists: Scientists in schools – & engaged donors in this niche Children’s Trust Fund: Struggling families – & supportive young professionals Center for Social Policy: Poor people’s views – and business people’s views Center for Collaborative Leadership: ELP staff - & ELP alumni as ambassadors

Community Engaged/Serving

Part of the UMass Boston Community-Engaged Teaching, Research, and Service Series.

ELP Presentation 2013 Consolidated_FINAL.pdf (1428 kB)
Emerging Leaders Program Team Project Presentation to stakeholders.



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