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Open Access Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science (BS)




Kathleen Kafel


Rajini Srikanth

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Nursing | Other Public Health | Public Health and Community Nursing


Early mobilization of intensive care patients has gained the interest of researchers within the last few years due to its safe and practical application and numerous benefits it can provide. Reviewing the literature on this topic reveals the substantial benefits of early mobilization and the detrimental effects of prolonged bed-rest. Despite recent evidence proving that this practice will increase quality of care, many intensive care units still utilize bed-rest as a standard. Understanding the barriers and facilitators of this change can help transform this research into practice and improve patient care outcomes. Nurses are the key facilitators in the initiative to mobilize patients and must be educated on the evidence behind this practice. With interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration, this intervention can become a new standard in intensive care units throughout the country.