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Massachusetts and the nation are aging! People 65 and older are growing in numbers more rapidly than other younger segments of the population, and the unprecedented growth of this group has created new demands on and new opportunities for every major sector of American life. But if we are to make constructive plans for an aging society, we must have sound information on the major changes in the make-up of the population.

This report shows how the older populations in Massachusetts and in the United States have changed in the decade between 1980 and 1990. It is designed to serve the basic information needs of ordinary citizens, of organizations working with the elderly, and of the mass media.

At the core of the report are a set of tables. Some show changes that took place during the last decade in Massachusetts and in the country as a whole. Others show the relationships between major variables for Massachusetts in 1990. Supplementing the tables is a brief text that highlights major findings. In addition, some of the results are illustrated in graphic form as well as tables.



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