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Driving is the main mode of travel for Americans age 65 and older, and although older adults are generally found to be safe drivers, aging often brings about functional limitations and an increase in medications that can impede safe driving and fitness to drive (Rosenbloom, 2003; Kissinger, 2008; Adler & Silverstein, 2008). Effective licensing policies and Medical Advisory Board practices are critical components in identifying medically at-risk drivers and may even have a role in the transition to alternative transportation options; yet, states vary greatly in their approach to licensing and renewal practices and in the utilization, composition, and function of Medical Advisory Boards (MAB). For many of the policies and practices, there is limited or no clear evidence about their effectiveness. Thus, seeking the opinions of the stakeholders most closely involved with these issues through their professional and clinical practice experiences was a starting point for understanding where more evidence-based data are needed or where current practice is supported.



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